Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip x264 AAC Esub Download Free

Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip x264 AAC Esub Download Free This movie size is 715.61 MB its movie genres are ComedyDrama Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip free download in Hindi full hd length is 1h 36min. Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip IMDB Rating is 6.8/10. The film stars Sharib Hashmi, Jyotii Sethi, and Nutan Surya. Phullu is about Phullu, an errand boy who eventually makes low-cost menstruation pads.The film is meant to teach the viewer about menstruation, a taboo subject in India.

Director: Abhishek Saxena
Writers: Shaheen Iqbal, Shaheen Iqbal
Stars: Sharib Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi, Nutan Surya

Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip x264 AAC Esub Download Free

Music: Vickky Agarwal & Troy Arif
Production company: Kapoor Film Inc Kc Production Pvt.Ltd
Distributed: Kapoor Film Inc Kc Production Pvt.Ltd
Release date: June 16, 2017
Country: India
Language: Hindi


Title: Phullu
Year: 2017
Runtime: 96 minutes
Votes: 27
Rating: 7.1/10
Language: Hindi
Country: India
All Genres: Comedy, Drama
Plot Outline: Phullu is a good for nothing so his mother gets him married thinking that he will become mature after marriage. After marriage, he comes to know about menstruation and how the women of his …
Director: Abhishek Saxena
Writing By: Shaheen Iqbal,Shaheen Iqbal,Shaheen Iqbal,Anmol Kapoor,
Produced By: Kshitij Chaudhary,Pushpa Chaudhary,Anmol Kapoor,Raman Kapoor,Priyesh Srivastava,
Music: Vickky Aggarwal Troy Arif
Sharib Hashmi as Phullu 
Inaamulhaq as
Jyoti Sethi as
Nutan Surya as

Phullu (2017) Hindi DVDRip free download in Hindi full hd

Quality: DVDRip
Size: 715.61 MB
Country Bollywood
Language:  Hindi
Uploaded Date: 19 December 2017

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Movie Story: Phullu the titular character (portrayed by Sharib Hashmi) that’s the typical good guy. Hashmi tries a little too hard with the accent and the act. Phullu full movie hd watch online Phullu’s mother sells quilts because he doesn’t have a job. He helps out his mom by procuring Phullu full movie dailymotion all the raw material for the quilts from the nearby town. In addition, Phullu full movie dailymotion he also picks up all the other stuff the women Phullu full movie hd youtube in his village may need from there.

When Phullu gets married,Phullu full movie hd watch online he realises that his wife keeps taking away Phullu full movie dailymotion pieces of red cloth from the Phullu full movie dailymotion material he gathers for the quilts. Phullu full movie hd watch online He wonders about it, Phullu full movie hd youtube but doesn’t connect the dots as he knows nothing about menstruation. Nether his wife or mother explain the concept to him.

The women in his life also want Phullu Phullu full movie hd youtube full movie hd watch online Phullu full movie dailymotion Phullu to move to a big city and find work. But he’s adamant about staying back in the village.

Finally, a turning point in Phullu’s life comes when he finds out about menstruation through a female doctor at a chemist’s shop on one of his city visits. Phullu full movie hd watch online He finally begins to understand Phullu full movie dailymotion why his wife needs the cloth, and why she suffers from itching every night.

He then takes rather drastic step of using all the money reserved for the last installment payment for his sister’s jewellery to get a whole lot of sanitary pads. His furious mother Phullu full movie hd youtube kicks him out of the house, Phullu full movie hd watch online saying that he’s wasted the money Phullu full movie dailymotion she earned with so much difficulty. Phullu full movie hd watch online When he tries to protest that the sanitary napkins are more important, his mother says her Phullu full movie hd watch online grandmother Phullu full movie dailymotion used wood to get rid of the itching Phullu full movie hd youtube and went on to live for 102 years, so pads are irrelevant.

Phullu goes to the city, where he gets in touch with the doctor who’d educated him about menstruation. He manages to create a sanitary napkin of his own. However, Phullu full movie hd youtube his mother and sister refuse to test it, as do the other women in the village for whom he used to run errands in the city. His wife is pregnant at this time, Phullu full movie dailymotion so she can’t help him out either but is in how supportive Phullu’s wife is, Phullu full movie hd youtube of his endeavour to manufacture low-cost sanitary napkins.

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19 June 2017 | by suhelhashmi – See all my reviews

Films on social issues and female issues Phullu full movie badtameez dil are often taken as a subject to create awareness or convey a message. But a natural and regular phenomenon that every movies counter Phullu movie girl on the planet goes through Phullu full movie badtameez dil ‘the menstrual cycle’ or in simpler words ‘ monthly periods’ has never been considered as a topic of discussion Phullu full movie badtameez dil let alone making a film on it. In the country where such topics are still considered taboo, Phullu full movie badtameez dil movies counter Phullu movie a film based on it was something beyond imagination. In that sense the team of Phullu deserves a Phullu full movie badtameez dil pat on their back for daring to pick up an untold taboo topic and give us our very first film that openly talks about the women issues related to menses movies counter Phullu movie.

Directed by Abhishek Saxena, who marks his Hindi films directorial debut, movies counter Phullu movie the subject of Phullu, has an unlikely but determined man at the centre of the action. Phullu full movie badtameez dil Based on the life of an uneducated man named Phullu, who stays with his mother and sister in a small town and Phullu full movie badtameez dil movies counter Phullu movie is famous for not doing any work other than helping the women of his village by getting them things from the city. Phullu runs several errands for women in the village including his wife. In one dialogue, Phullu says, ‘If I leave the village, movies counter Phullu movie who will take care of ladies of my village? ‘. This dialogue is the representation of Phullu’s personality, Phullu full movie badtameez dil a man who empathises with a woman’s daily struggles movies counter Phullu movie.

An event during one of his many journeys makes him realize the Phullu full movie badtameez dil issues women go through during their menstruation. Phullu attempts to create awareness as well as affordable sanitary napkins for women in rural areas movies counter Phullu movie.

Despite below par cinematography the film manages Phullu full movie badtameez dil to beautifully capture movies counter Phullu movie the world of a remote village where modernity is yet to knock its door.

The tone of the film is a bit melodramatic. It also sounds preachy at times. movies counter Phullu movie It would have helped if the film’s tone was more light-hearted and humorous. Phullu full movie badtameez dil In the absence of the required humour quotient, Phullu turns out to be a more of a social drama, preaching about another problem? v At points, Phullu full movie badtameez dil the story gets too self involved from Phullu’s perspective. Also, the lack of a coherent script and Phullu full movie badtameez dil fluidity in the screenplay leads to a half baked attempt. The film might seem stretched in the first half and the screenplay could easily have been better, movies counter Phullu movie but it isn’t bad either and successfully touches the right chords. But the Phullu full movie badtameez dil execution of the larger picture falls short at a few places, pulling the film down a bit. Due to which at places the film gives you the impression of a docu feature Phullu full movie badtameez dil movies counter Phullu movie.

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